Pool Rush FRVR

Pool Rush FRVR


Developed by  Chris Benjaminsen

Pool Rush FRVR is a pool game that doesn't go by your conventional pool rules. The only goal in this game is to shoot as many balls as you can into the side pockets. You'll have a limited number of shots (indicated by the number on your cue ball), and once it turns to 0, you'll lose a ball. If you don't have an extra ball, it's game over (you get extra balls by making sure all balls on a table are shot into pockets).

You have only one goal in this game, and that's to get the highest score possible before you run out of cue balls, so bring your A game and give Pool Rush FRVR your best shot!


Chris Benjaminsen developed Pool Rush FRVR.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Click/tap and drag from the cue ball to one direction. Let go to fling the ball into the opposite direction (there will also be an arrow guiding you to the direction the ball will go to).