8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool



8 Ball Pool is an online pool game where you play against AI opponents. Choose the easy, medium, or hard opponent and enjoy playing this free pool game on desktop and mobile devices! Check out our pool games for more.

How to Play

Choose an opponent

8 Ball Pool is a fun and free 8 ball pool game that’s easy enough for anyone to play! Simply select the opponent that suits your difficulty preference and get started.

Perform your shot

To perform a strike, aim with your mouse, then hold and drag to pull the cue back. Release the cue to hit. The further you pull, the stronger your hit will be.

Understand the basics

The aim is to pocket all the colored balls of your type. This is either the solid or striped balls depending on which ball you or your opponent pots first. After you pocket all 7 colored balls, you need to pocket the black 8 ball to win.

8 Ball Pool: The Rules

  • Pocket all the 7 colored balls of your type, then the 8 ball last
  • Pocketing the 8 ball before your colors is an instant disqualification
  • You cannot commit any foul when pocketing an 8 ball
  • Pocketing any ball correctly leads to an additional shot
  • Any foul will ruin your streak, negate your free shot, and pass the turn to your opponent


  • Three easy, medium, and difficult AI opponents
  • Customize your pool cue and avatar in the settings
  • Line up your shots, set the power, and adjust the ball spin
  • Play pool for free in your web browser and on mobile devices

Release Date

April 2020


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Drag left mouse button backward to adjust power, release to hit.