Developed by  PlayWorks Digital

When meets ducks, you get! The ducks are racing to the bath, can you be the first one to get in? Race ahead using boosters and tactics to get to the tub before your duck rivals.

How to Play

Join a game

Click ‘Solo’ to automatically join the next game. The racing is simple, as you don’t have to turn corners in However, you can strafe left to right to catch boosts and knock other ducks off the track to earn points and get ahead.

Get the advantage

Another unique feature of DuckPark is the ability to fly off the edge of the track to gain a huge advantage. That is if you pull it off. If you end up falling to the ground, it’s game over, and your duck will shake its head in disapproval. Another way to fly off the edge is using the boosters around the track.

Upgrade your duck

When you’ve beat a few games, you’ll get gold rewards that you can use to upgrade your duck’s attire.

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  • Join an online duck race to the finish line - a giant bathtub
  • Use boosts to gain speed and fly to other parts of the track
  • Knock other ducks off the edge to get ahead
  • Upgrade your duck with a new look

Release Date

February 2020


This game is made by PlayWorks Digital.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


  • A or left arrow key = steer to the left
  • D or right arrow key = steer to the right