Samurai Madness

Samurai Madness


Developed by  Night Steed Games

Samurai Madness is an action game that is a mix of roguelite, action, and casual play styles. Lead the fierce samurai warrior on his way to take vengeance on the evil syndicate! Prove your dexterity in this action game full of challenging encounters. Be smart, fast, and agile. Make wise and swift decisions.

Fight against waves of opponents with your katana. Along with the game’s progress, earn powerful skills to gain an advantage over your enemies. Get through all the rooms to fight the boss and unlock new encounters! But watch your steps - if you let yourself be killed, you will start all over.

Release Date

December 2021


Samurai Madness is developed by Night Steed Games.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android


Drag the left mouse button to draw the move and attack path.