Developed by  Šarūnas Visockas is a multiplayer battle royale game from the creators of Parachute into an online battle that gets smaller and more intense over time. Pick up gear from crates and fallen soldiers to improve your arsenal, and be the last dude standing!


Fight to secure your survival

Battle in a top-down 2D world that’s shrinking as time goes on. The classic battle royale game mode. Parachute into the ideal location and set up your strategic advantage. The last player standing comes first.

Find loot boxes to get better gear

Drop in near loot boxes to maximize your strength in the RoyaleDude arena. There are various color-coded chests around the map. The color represents the rarity of items within the chest. You’ll find powerful new weapons and gear in here to give you an advantage.

Level up your account

Sign up for an account to expand your options in That way, you can improve your weapons loadout, emotes, and clothing by leveling up and purchasing items.

Buy new items in the shop

You can purchase various in-game cosmetic items using the currency you earn. You can also purchase gems. Use gems to remove ads and buy items. Browse through a collection of melee weapons, hats, and emotes. Treat yourself to something nice!

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RoyaleDudes is a multiplayer io game based on the popular battle royale game mode. Other popular games with the same format include 1v1 Battle, Zombs Royale, and Mini Royale Nations.

Release Date

December 2021


Šarūnas Visockas developed, the same developer who made


Web browser


  • WASD = move
  • E = jump from plane / open chest
  • Left-click = shoot
  • Mouse movement = change direction
  • Mouse scroll / 1,2,3,G,X = switch weapons