Developed by  Yso Corp

Whooo? Is everyone’s favorite online guessing game! Use the process of elimination to guess who your opponent is holding. Play against various characters and unlock new face cards as you progress!

How to Play

Eliminate and guess

Whooo? Features 4 multiple choice questions you can ask your opponent when it’s your turn. Look at the faces you currently have standing and pick a question that will eliminate the most cards.

Use in-game power-ups

You can use one of your golden keys to refresh the questions if there are no good ones. Once you’re down to the last two cards, guess who your rival is holding!

Unlock new cards

At the end of a series of matches, you can use your keys to unlock items at random. These can be power-ups for during tournaments or new faces. There is an extensive set of face cards to unlock!


  • A family favorite guessing game
  • Power-ups to help you through the game
  • Loads of new cards to unlock
  • Fun 3D visuals and gameplay

Release Date

  • May 2020 (Android and iOS)
  • April 2022 (WebGL)


Whooo? is developed by Yso Corp. Check out two of their other popular web games - Hide N Seek and Wood Farmer.


  • Web browser
  • Android
  • iOS


Use the left mouse button to guess the card.