Monster Cars: Ultimate Simulator

Monster Cars: Ultimate Simulator


Developed by  RHM Interactive

Monster Cars: Ultimate Simulator is a simulation driving game where you will drive around this open world using the biggest and the most powerful vehicles in the world! There are various vehicle designs, powers, and stabilities. Different game modes such as free drive, circuit race, fly race, and time attack are waiting for you. You can play this game by yourself or even with your friend locally. Have fun!

Release Date

September 2022


RHM Interactive developed Monster Cars: Ultimate Simulator.


Web browser


1 Player Mode

  • WASD / arrow keys = drive
  • L-Shift = NOS
  • Space = handbrake

2 Players Mode

Player 1

  • WASD = drive
  • L-Shift = NOS

Player 2

  • Arrow keys = drive
  • N = NOS