Foundation Kingdom Build Guard

Foundation Kingdom Build Guard


Developed by  Gmamba Studio

Foundation Kingdom Build Guard is a casual simulation adventure game where you can mine, build, farm, and explore new lands. Collect materials from all over the medieval world and use them to restore justice and get rid of darkness. Don't forget that monsters attack you every night. Your medieval kingdom has been invaded by monsters. The whole world was covered in darkness. You have to free the medieval world and its inhabitants from terrible monsters and unravel the mystery of their appearance.


  • Discover new lands. Get resources with an ax and a pickaxe, they will help you discover new lands.
  • Automate resource extraction. Unlock lumberjacks, farmers, and miners to work. They will help you automate the resource extraction process.
  • Explore the unique way of farming. Tired of chopping trees and crushing iron ore? Start farming and grow vegetables and then feed them to your animals.
  • Reap the profits. The market is available in the game. Here you can sell all the extracted resources.
  • Protect your kingdom. Every night the monsters will attack your kingdom and will try to destroy everything that you have been building for so long. Don't let this happen! Build towers and hire defenders

Release Date

  • April 2022 (Android)
  • September 2022 (WebGL)


Foundation Kingdom Build Guard was developed by Gmamba Studio.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android


  • WASD / arrow keys / hold left-click and move / mobile touchpad = move
  • Left-click = interact with the in-game UI