Basket Monsterz

Basket Monsterz


Developed by  DParrot

Basket Monsterz is an awesome basketball shooting game with fun cartoon monster characters! You can play as a wide range of monsters including Satan and Bigfoot. Get in the game and see if you can win.

How to Play

Shoot spooky hoops

Play in a basketball tournament and work your way through each stage by playing 1on1 matches against other monsters. During each match you must attempt to score as many baskets as possible in the allotted time.

Line up your shots

Use your mouse to aim your shot, generate power and align the correct shooting arc. Once you have lined up your shot, click the left mouse button to release it! For every basket you score, you gain one point. The winner is the first to reach 11 points.

Buy new monsters!

As you win matches you accumulate stars. You can use these stars to purchase new monster characters! Can you hone your basketball skills and win the monster tournament? Play Basket Monsterz to find out.

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You can play this game online either on desktop or mobile browser.


Basket Monsterz is developed by DParrot.


Move your mouse to aim, left click to shoot.