Eternal Road

Eternal Road


Developed by  start games

Eternal Road is an adventure game where you must find the survivors' camp. It's already the 3rd month of the zombie apocalypse. You find out that there are other survivors from the radio, and you will head towards them, but on a long road, you will face great difficulties. Fight zombies, complete the task, overcome difficulties and get to the main goal of this adventure.

Release Date

November 2022


Eternal Road was developed by start games.


Web browser


  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • E = action
  • R = reload
  • Q = use first aid kit
  • V = armor
  • Left-click = shoot
  • Right-click = aim
  • C = crouch
  • Space = jump
  • 1-4 = change weapons
  • Tab = pause menu