Train Adventure

Train Adventure


Developed by  Yso Corp

Train Adventure is a casual game where you arm a train with weapons and seek out resources. Shoot down enemies along the way and collect as much as possible!

How to Play

Collect resources

Train Adventure takes you on a quest through beautiful landscapes filled with precious resources like wood, oil, and gold. Aim and shoot to collect the goods! Everything you find is converted into gold coins at the end of a run.

Shoot down enemies

There are plenty of enemies trying to stop you, so make sure to shoot them down too! You can use the exploding barrels to bring crowds of them down at once. As you progress, enemies get trickier, so you’ll need to keep upgrading to beat each level.

Merge weapons

There are merge mechanics in the game that let you combine two of the same weapon together to create a more powerful one! Keep buying and merging weapons to create a super weaponized train with all kinds of crazy guns attached!

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  • Addictive resource-collecting gameplay
  • Different enemy types that pose unique challenges
  • Various weapons with different abilities
  • Merge weapons to make them stronger

Release Date

  • August 2022 (Android)
  • September 2022 (iOS)
  • December 2022 (WebGL)


Yso Corp developed Train Adventure.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


Use the left mouse button to start the wave.