Geometric Sniper - Z

Geometric Sniper - Z


Developed by  YAW Studios

Geometric Sniper - Z is a sniper shooting game where you need to start hunting the zombies to save the survivors. In this hand-drawn black-and-white world, you will face many challenges to save the surviving humans and discover what happened. Manage your money and resources wisely, buy different weapons, customize your avatar, create your wallpaper for your PC, breathe, aim and start blasting those funny and furious zombie heads! Watch out for mutant zombies, you'll need to find out how to eliminate them!


  • Create your character and make it stylish and cool
  • Have fun buying accessories and weapons for your character
  • Put your character in a cool Wallpaper on your PC (1920 x 1080 / 2560 x 1080)
  • Buy a pet to help on your hunt!

(This is a DEMO version)

Release Date

December 2021 (Steam)


Geometric Sniper - Z is made by YAW Studios.


  • Web browser
  • Steam


  • P = pause
  • Move mouse = aim
  • Right-click = precision
  • Left-click = fire
  • Mouse scroll = zoom in / out
  • Press scroll = pet menu
  • Ctrl = cover
  • Q = change weapon
  • E = activate heat vision
  • R = reload
  • Tab = answer phone
  • Space = precision
  • F12 = screenshot