Taxi Tycoon: Idle Business

Taxi Tycoon: Idle Business


Developed by  Tako Eaters

Taxi Tycoon: Idle Business is a business simulation game where you will be able to create and manage your own taxi company. Take customers through the streets of the city, hire additional drivers, and upgrade your taxi fleet to earn more money. Open new areas and expand your business and become the biggest and most successful taxi operator in the city. With an intuitive interface and impressive graphics, this business simulation game will give you a captivating and realistic experience. As the owner of a taxi company, you will have to make important decisions to make the business thrive. You will need to hire new drivers to help you efficiently take customers to their destinations, upgrade your taxi fleet to provide customers with a quality experience, and open new areas to expand your business. Additionally, this game will be a challenge and an adventure as you will compete with other taxi operators to see who can make the most profit and become the most successful taxi operator in the city.

Release Date

February 2023 (Android and WebGL)


Taxi Tycoon: Idle Business was developed by Tako Eaters.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android


Drive the vehicle using WASD or Joystick.