Sushi Drop

Sushi Drop


Developed by  UNIT5

Sushi Drop is a puzzle game where you must drop-and-merge the same sushi blocks to create more expensive and fancy sushi ordered by the customers. You can remove unwanted sushi using a bomb booster and also reshuffle the sushi using a blender booster. Try to merge multiple times in a row to get an awesome bonus. Collect coins to recruit a new chef for your sushi restaurant. How expensive and fancy sushi can you make?

Release Date

  • August 2020 (Android and iOS)
  • January 2023 (WebGL)


UNIT5 made this game.


  • Web browser (desktop and mobile)
  • Android
  • iOS


  • Left or right arrow keys = move left or right
  • Down arrow key / space / Left-click = drop sushi