Island Racer

Island Racer



Island Racer is a cool racing game that also allows you to build tracks. You can race on these tracks alone or with your friends in a split-screen mode. The cars have very simple controls, just press a single button to accelerate, and the car will steer and drift automatically. Try to avoid falling from the track. The tracks can also be shared with other people! Just send them the track link or code, and then they can play on your track! There are multiple cars in the game, each one of them with different acceleration, max speed, and steering stats. You should carefully pick a car that suits the track better.

Release Date

January 2023 (Android and WebGL)


  • Web browser
  • Android


Single Player Mode

  • W / up arrow key = accelerate
  • R / Enter = restart

Split Screen Mode

Player 1

  • W = accelerate
  • R = restart

Player 2

  • Up arrow key = accelerate
  • Enter = restart

Editor Mode

  • Mouse scroll = zoom in / out
  • Drag L-click = move camera view